Speech  Language and Communication Therapy

Therakeyz is bringing in a pioneering change in the treatment of all communication disorders, including language disorders and speech problems. Speech therapy is effective in various conditions like autism, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, specific language impairment, etc. At Therakeyz, speech therapists are well-trained to recognize issues related to the development of human communication and speech disorders. By following worldwide accepted standardized protocols of scientific assessment and treatment, our speech therapists ensure the maximum result for the patients. Regardless of the age of the patient, our customized methods for individual treatment offer effective treatment for speech and language disorders including articulation disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorders, receptive disorders, expressive disorders, cognitive disorders, etc.

Occupational therapy concerns treating people with physical, cognitive, motor, or sensory disabilities. Therakeyz focuses on extending occupational therapy to treat such people and enable them to become as independent as possible in every aspect of their life. Our individualized occupational therapy programs are designed to address the physical well-being of the patient based on the psychological, social, and environmental factors that can impact the functioning of the individual in varied ways. At Therakeyz, our experienced and well-qualified therapists practice globally accepted approaches to facilitate early recovery of patients and enhance their sense of accomplishment.

Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy with Specialized Protocol

Physical problems are eroding away the pleasure of leading a healthy life for many people. Issues like body pain, muscle pain, shoulder ache, pain in bone joints and soft tissues, post-operative care issues, etc. are becoming a major cause of pain and agony. Therakeyz provides certified physiotherapy services to overcome all kinds of physical problems. Our highly trained physiotherapists have a deep understanding of the minute issues related to body posture and movement. We provide comprehensive therapeutic interventions involving advanced techniques and approaches to restore the well-being of people following injury, disability, or pain. Our physiotherapy department provides specialized assessment and effective therapeutic intervention to treat conditions like RSI, Fibromyalgia, Chronic regional pain syndrome, work related pain syndromes, common aging conditions, osteoarthritis, etc.

Therapeutic intervention can go a long way in improving the quality of life of people having autism or ADHD. Neurofeedback therapy offered by Therakeyz helps to reduce the symptoms of these conditions and increase the functioning of the patients. Our Neurofeedback procedures involve a variety of clinical tools to respond to a wide array of clinical challenges in the autism spectrum. By implementing highly advanced methods of neurofeedback therapy, we ensure that our patients receive the most effective therapeutic treatment for their conditions.


Dance and Movement Therapy

Dance and movement therapy is a unique method of therapeutic intervention in which body movements is used to help individuals achieve emotional, physical, social, and cognitive integration. At Therakeyz, we use movement as an important tool to treat many disorder. We do believe if we can change the way the body moves, we can change the perception. We have dance and movement therapists who specialize in mood management, stress reduction, and disease prevention. Our dance and movement therapy is designed for individuals of all age groups across a wide variety of settings. We emphasize on improving self-esteem and body image, developing effective communication skills, and expanding movement vocabulary among other things. The physical aspect of our therapy deals with increasing muscular strength, improving mobility, and reducing muscular tension. Through advanced techniques of observation, assessment, and therapeutic intervention, we help individuals to improve their physical and mental health.

The time-proven practice of Horticulture Therapy involves the use of the therapeutic benefits of garden environments to improve the mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being of patients. At Therakeyz, specialized therapists use the healing elements of nature to help people who may feel disconnected due to physiological issues, social problems, mental disorders, degenerative illness, or injuries. Patients suffering from heart diseases, physical constraints, blindness, learning disabilities, dementia, memory loss, etc. are also treated using this therapy. This alternative holistic method of treatment stimulates the sense of patients, reduces their anxiety, stress, and depression, and helps them to cope with unexpected changes occurring in life. We at Therakeyz offer individually tailored programs of this therapy to initiate positive effect on the mind, body, and spirit of patients.


Art & Craft Therapy

Art & Craft Therapy is an effective intervention technique used to help people suffering from various disorders, disabilities, and diseases. Expert therapists at Therakeyz apply art & craft therapy to improve the conditions of patients displaying symptoms of mental, physical, and emotional problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, tension, low self-esteem, severe emotional abuse, chronic pain, cancer, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), cognitive issues, neurological problems, and a number of other ailments. This non-traditional therapy is also practiced by our therapists to help patients develop interpersonal skills, improve self-awareness, and increase self-esteem.