A healthy life is an essential component of leading a happy life. We know that you are concerned about the health and recovery of your near and dear ones. Before committing them to any treatment you would like to know more about the treatment or clear your doubts regarding the same. Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section provides answers to the common queries presented by the patient party. In case you want to know about something not covered in this section, you are always welcome to contact us.

What is the kind of service that Therakeyz provides?

Therakeyz offers physical, mental, and behavioral health care services based on the specific requirement and health condition of the individual. Therakeyz is widely recognized for its innovative treatment methods and advanced techniques used to treat patients following an injury, or requiring post-operative care, or suffering from physical disabilities, mental disabilities, psychological issues, pain, etc.

How do I know if my child needs a therapeutic intervention?

No one knows a child better than its parents. Your child may require therapeutic intervention if he or she faces difficulty in:

  • Playing and interacting with others
  • Learning things
  • Communicating and expressing
  • Moving about
  • Seeing
  • Hearing

Why is therapeutic intervention essential?

In certain cases of physical and mental issues concerning pain, injury, anxiety, depression, etc. the general procedures of treatment involving medicine and surgery prove to be futile. Extensive research has established that therapeutic interventions can help patients to recover effectively and overcome various ailments concerning the mind and the body. Therapeutic intervention is a treatment route that enables patients to enjoy immediate and long-term benefits. It is an ideal form of therapy for people of all age groups, including children.

What are the areas where Therakeyz offers its specialized services?

Therakeyz delivers comprehensive and individualized services to treat and support people suffering from:

  • Behavioral disorder
  • Mental illness
  • Psychological problems
  • Pain and physical disorders
  • Disability
  • Developmental Delays

How should I go about it if I know someone who might need the services of Therakeyz?

Start with a call to Therakeyz to set up an appointment or let the patient party call us to discuss the exact issues faced by the patient. If you want to get any information regarding the available services or any related matter, you can contact us by phone or email. We will be glad to reply to your queries.

How can I be sure that the treatment I am receiving is the one I need?

Your progress will be the greatest evidence of your treatment. At Therakeyz, we carry out a clinical assessment of your progress at periodic intervals of the treatment. If at any point you feel that you are making no progress with our services, you are free to talk to us.  We will reassess your condition to determine how we can proceed to meet your objectives.

What should I keep in mind while opting for therapeutic intervention services?

Therapeutic approaches are effective for treating various conditions and disabilities. But it must be borne in mind that in some cases therapeutic interventions may not be effective to the point of complete cure or recovery. Moreover, the speed of progress may differ from patient to patient.

How does Therakeyz provide its services?

Therakeyz provides its services based on the individual needs of the patient. Our one-to-one treatment process is designed to offer maximum care to the patient. We also provide constant monitoring of the patient’s progress.

Where does Therakeyz offer its services?

Therakeyz is open to providing its services at the center, at a patient’s home, at any community site, or at special education schools. Depending on the preference and need of the patient, Therakeyz arranges for its services to be delivered at a location which will be in the best interest of the patient’s treatment and recovery.

People of what age group can opt for therapeutic intervention?

Therakeyz provides therapeutic intervention services to people of all age groups, right from children to aged people.