Dr Poovazhagan U

Founder Director

Dr. Poovazhagan is the founder and director of Therakeyz. Poova is a child develop-mentalist, who invented the model ADAPT – an answer for parents who always thought there was something missing with their kid.

He draws his varied reference by studying children of different cultures, life style of previous generation children, village kids vs city kids and the child in the animal world.

Education: He is a highly qualified physiotherapist with additional qualifications in Developmental therapy, Sensory Integration therapy, Speech &Language therapy, Yoga, and Alternative medicine and General psychology. He pursued Bachelor of Physiotherapy from TN.DR.MGR Medical University, Chennai. His other qualifications include postgraduate Diploma in Developmental Therapy from Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu and Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy from AIISH in Mysuru. His post graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy & Masters in Yoga therapy &Naturopathy add value to his treatment protocols. He has a certification in Sensory Integration from an institution which is affiliated to University of southern California, USA.

Mr.Poovazhagan is an expert in physical exercise prescription and a fitness consultant. He has an extensive practice in Orthopedic rehabilitation, Fitness management, Vocational adaptive exercise programming, Early child hood education and Early intervention and many other mental and movement related disorders, before lighting up an idea about Therakeyz. Some of those pruned many protocols of treatment areas what currently we are carrying forward. He has trained several celebrity clients and has formulated a weight loss program named Poova’sProtocol for Weight Loss.His protocol of weight loss has been quite successful.Apart from being a practitioner, he indulges himself with research based activities. Some of the papers are yet to be published and an extensive research paper he is currently working on is in the field of Autism.

Journey Of Our Founder


Worked with a Traditional Siddha Practitioner. He assisted his Guru making medicines, during this phase of time he spent most of his time in forest and nature.


During this time he worked with Yoga and varma Guru’s. He enhanced his yoga practice with various ailments.


He assisted a Clinical Psychologist traveled around southern India in order to collect data for a study based on Human Behaviorism.


Joined a General Practitioner and his Anatomy Professor clinic in order to assist him in his clinic.


Simultaneously working along in a clinic, he assisted his psychology Professor on a study of Graphology( Handwriting & Signature ) & Behaviors.


Joined a Course on traditional Acupuncture, Reiki and Homeopathy with a 81 years young practitioner, He has been accepted as an aasana  sishya and practiced for a while with the assistance of his Guru.


Joined a Classical Indian Gym and learned traditional physical exercise patterns.


Failed to clear  interview to join a Fitness center.


Joined a Job in a fitness center as a fitness assistant.


Started a new profile as Fitness Manager in the same Center.


Joined a Elite club of Fitness where he worked with a profile on “Exercise prescription and Fitness management” for south Celebrities.


Joined hands with Fitness Experts and an NGO on a project developing ” Adaptive Gym Equipment’s & Adaptive Physical Activity – Protocol” (For Children with Special Needs)


Managed a Program on Independent Living for Adults with Autism and other Neurological Issues.


Co-worked with a NGO & a renowned 5 star Restaurant  on a Pre-Vocational and Vocational Training.


Started his work on play and play ideations for children with special needs.


Expanded his team to develop the concept on play further.


Failed to convince parents that, ADAPT protocol will promote growth and better development with kids.


Concise his team to work on play concept further, Perhaps his size of practice reduced.


Restricted himself to few kids to make a concrete understanding and make the society aware about play and emotional development.
Academical Achievements


Bachelors in Alternative System of Medicine(IIASM-India)


Bachelors in Physiotherapy(TN.Dr.MGR University-Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)


Diploma in Acupressure (Dr.Rao’s – Institute of Alternative Medicine)


Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga teaching ( TN Sports and Physical Education University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India )


M.sc- Yoga and naturopathy (Manonmaniam Sundranar University, Tamilnadu)


M.sc- Yoga and naturopathy(Manonmaniam Sundranar University, Tamilnadu)

2010-2011-Certificate Course in Exercise Prescription(American council of Exercise, USA)

2010-2011- Post Graduate Diploma in Developmental Therapy(Madras University, Chennai, India)


Certificate course in Manual Therapy


Diploma In Hearing, Language and Speech(AIISH, Mysuru, India)


Certificate course in Sensory Integration (University of Southern California, USA)

Member of Indian Association Of Physiotherapy

Member Of Rehabilitation Council Of India
Life path

Certified by the school and psychologist as highly intellectual by the age of five.

Was one of the bright student by Grade 1, was having the ability to solve problems of grade 5.

Change of school and environment –Resulted in push –Within Grade 5 named as an average student, In fact, there was a doubt that he would clear Grade 5 or not.

One of the most popular figure some how loved by most of the school friends and teachers.

Grade 6-10 –Horrible school days haven’t touched book or could not able to understand what for we are studying.

Never passed in most of the subject’s in-between these grades.

Pushed to a situation and named as a poor student of the whole school.

Grade 10 – Scored very least marks just cleared the papers to enter next grade.

During Grade 11, He started assisting in making medicine for his Siddha Guru, Perhaps he started helping patients and client with different problem or disability.

Not at all interested in medicine or practice was always thought to be in a stylish job(pilot), could not able to clear because of height and financial ability, fallen into alternative medicine initially.

Search for science in the same pushed him into physiotherapy.

Missed a gold medal (just for reasoning), just because his staffs never want him to score in the internals.

Practiced all the course of his life with his guru throughout his studies, mostly in search of medicine and treating children and old adults and even emergencies had become usual since there were no hospital facilities those days.

Started his first treatment when he was 21, certified by the time.

Counseling is one of the prime things he was excelled with from his teenage.

Had visited so many places and so many people to learn or in search of answers to his most of the questions related to his practice.

Counseling is one of the prime things he was excelled with from his teenage.