About Us

Therakeyz is an organization dedicated to the cause of health and well-being through therapeutic intervention. Therakeyz is located in the city of Bangalore in India. Within a short period of its inception, the company has established itself as a major service provider in the concerned healthcare area. With a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, Therakeyz has taken on the onus to deliver highly effective treatment through therapeutic intervention to patients.
As a patient-centric company, our focus is to provide targeted intervention to benefit each and every patient. To achieve this objective, expert therapists at Therakeyz provide individual care to each patient. With our in-depth knowledge in health-promoting interventions and result-driven approach, we look forward to empowering our patients to their lead life in a healthy manner. Our philosophy of customized treatment and personalized care along with our commitment to quality has helped us become the preferred choice of our patients for holistic treatment and care.
At Therakeyz, we use the latest means of analysis and techniques to understand, assess, and treat the issues faced by patients. Our wide array of services includes providing care to children suffering from developmental delays. The innovative concept of Applied Developmental Analysis Program Tool (ADAPT) is designed to enable parents, therapists, and caregivers to understand such children in a better way.
ADAPT is a one-of-its-kind model that has been developed indigenously to promote the comprehensive well-being of a child. It is an evidence-based program centered on neuroscience and neuropsychology studies leading to increased emotional, social, cultural, moral, speech & language, play, and physical development. This research-based program attempts to help a child adapt to the environment as per his or her abilities and limitations. It paves the way to enhance a child’s capabilities to grow and bloom. By enabling a child to function flexibly and dynamically in tune with the environment, ADAPT empowers a child to derive the benefit of environmental stimulus. This is turn leads to fostering of natural growth and development in the child.

Each one of us wants to lead our life in the healthiest and happiest way possible. But life is an unpredictable journey where anyone can be susceptible to injuries or mishaps at any moment. Such untoward incidents can lead to neurological, psychological, behavioral, or other problems. Therapeutic intervention can help people to overcome such challenges and face life with confidence. It is a specialized form of healthcare service developed for individuals suffering from various physical and mental difficulties or disorders.
Championing the cause of such health care service is Therakeyz, a company focused on delivering health-promoting interventions to patients of every age group. Therakeyz specializes in providing all kinds of therapeutic intervention to patients, including children with developmental delays. The company presents a unique treatment model named Applied Developmental Analysis Program Tool (ADAPT) that aims to provide therapy care to such children and foster their growth. From clinical recovery to home-based rehabilitation, we provide precisely targeted interventions to suit the requirement of the patients. Each one of our therapeutic interventions prioritizes the effective recovery of the patients to the optimum level.
Come and explore the world of Therakeyz that holds the key to holistic health and happiness.


To improve the health of our patients by adopting a compassionate approach and focusing on quality care



To set new benchmark in therapeutic intervention by offering best-of-the-line services while following ethical work practices












Therakeyz is led by a group of highly competent individuals with a zeal for delivering the highest level of care to the patients. The leadership of Therakeyz comprises of the following dynamic personalities: